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BT-50 (2021-CURRENT) Carryboy SLR Series

The SLR Series features tempered, tinted glass that ensures your cargo remains secure, moisture-free, and temperature-regulated. Lockable gas-strut side and rear doors afford easy access, while interior and exterior LED lights make sure you don’t miss anything.

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Strength, style, & function
Unlock the SLR Series to discover a well-lit interior kept cool by tinted, tempered window glass and kept dry and secure by seamless one-piece fibreglass construction and lockable windows.

Custom-fit premium hardtop design
The SLR Series is made of high specific strength fibreglass, providing a sleek and durable shell impervious to rust.

An innovative interior
The SLR Series is stunning on the inside too. Interior carpeting and LED light mean your cargo will sit comfortably and be easy to find no matter the conditions. Stainless steel hinges and gas-powered struts mean the windows open easily, every time.

Front window Advantages
Double-sliding front window for easy cleaning and on-the-go ventilation.

Tinted, lockable windows
Tempered, tinted glass with single-handle operation remote locks keeps your cargo secure and cool.

High-Level LED Brake Light
Illuminate safety with our high-level LED brake light, ensuring visibility and peace of mind on the road.

Raise the roof game
Our canopies have a load rating of up to 100kgs making transporting longer or bulky cargo a breeze.


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