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Level Up Your Ute: Explore Xtreme Ute Worx’s Solutions

Looking for ways to unlock the potential of your ute?

Xtreme Ute Worx offers a variety of canopies and trays to boost its functionality and security.

Built to Last: Aluminium Canopies

Our aluminium canopies are the champions of durability.  They’re lightweight, resist corrosion, and can handle anything you throw at them. Need to haul tools? Carry camping gear? Our canopies come in various sizes and configurations to perfectly suit your needs.

Custom Crafted: Ute Trays for Every Use

Xtreme Ute Worx caters to unique needs.  Our custom ute trays, designed for standard, extended, or dual cab utes, maximize space and functionality.  We offer heavy-duty steel trays for tough jobs and lightweight aluminium options for recreation.  Plus, you can personalize your tray with ladder racks, toolboxes, and lighting.

The Right Canopy for You

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all.  That’s why we offer a diverse range of ute canopies:

  • Standard Canopies: Ideal for everyday use, these canopies provide ample storage and security for your gear.
  • Tradesman Canopies: Packed with features like shelving, ladder racks, and toolboxes, these canopies are perfect for tradespeople on the go.
  • Camping Canopies: Adventurers, rejoice! Our camping canopies boast roof racks, awnings, and built-in lighting, making your next trip unforgettable.
  • Custom Canopies:  Got specific needs?  We can design a custom canopy with specialized storage and integrated accessories, tailored just for you.

Amplify Your Ute’s Potential

We don’t stop at canopies!  We offer various accessories to further enhance your ute’s capabilities.  Need roof racks for extra storage?  Ladder racks for long items?  Lighting solutions for nighttime visibility?  We’ve got you covered.

Xtreme Ute Worx: Your One-Stop Ute Shop

Look no further for the perfect ute canopy!  With our diverse selection of aluminium canopies, custom ute trays, and a plethora of accessories, we have everything you need to transform your ute into a functional and secure workhorse.  Visit our website today and discover the perfect solution for your ute!

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