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GWM Roll Top

GWM Cannon Roll Top – HSP Roll R Cover

If you have purchased a Haval Cannon and are looking for the most useful accessories, then look no further. The HSP Electric Roll R Cover is a fantastic GWM accessory to protect your possessions from the elements and unwelcome intruders. A HSP Australian Made electric Haval roller cover is available to suit all variants of the GWM Ute including the Cannon, Cannon-L and Cannon-X. Additionally, HSP Roll R Covers can retain the genuine sports bars as well as have load bar (crossbar) and ladder rack compatibility

The Functionality of HSP Roller Covers

Roller covers are exceptionally handy if you’re looking for a great all-rounder. The advantage of a ute roller cover is that you can have the flexibility of leaving the unit open, close or partway which makes it really handy when you have a larger load. If your GWM Cannon needs an upgrade to work at the top level, then we’ve got you covered. Our electric GWM Cannon Roll Top is the best accessory to boost your vehicle’s potential. Giving you the ability to open, close and pause via a built-in touchpad on the unit, A patented mobile phone smart app to operate the roller cover and even use your current factory remote. Other amazing features of the HSP Haval Roll Top include a huge strip LED light, interlocking extrusions and a matte black surface. If that’s not enough, all HSP Electric Roll R Covers have extra security, a high-level water rating and do not require drilling to mount to your vehicle.

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