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Next Gen Ranger And Raptor Load Bar

Ford Next Gen Ranger / Raptor Load Bar


The Load Bar is a dedicated roll-top rack specifically made to mount to the HSP Roll R Cover Series 3. Featuring a hardy and durable full-metal leg base, along with heavy-duty crossbars equipped with integrated channels, the Load Bar stands as the ideal solution to securely carry more on your 4×4

Features and Install Guide

  • Full metal frame
  • Works with Rambox Roll R Cover s3
  • Specific design to HSP Roll R Cover only
  • Matte black finish
  • 80kg carrying capacity
  • A track built into the top of the crossbar for additional accessories

If you’re buying a Next Generation Ford Ranger or Ford Raptor you may have heard about the need for a J-Brace.

HSP Does recommend a J-Brace For any Roll R Cover and increases that recommendation for any user who opts for a load bar.

Please note:
Any off-road driving, racing or extreme conditions will decrease the total weight able to be carried on the vehicle. Weight ratings by HSP are to be used as a guide and do not exceed your vehicle’s load limit for the area in question. Please refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s guide to see what your exact vehicle can carry.